Éire go Brágh

To honour the Irishmen and Irishwomen of 1916 we must make a reality of the principles for which our forefathers laid down their lives – we must cherish the children of our nation equally, we must have unfettered control of our own destiny, we must assert our sovereign right.
To do anything less is to disrespect the deed that was the Easter Rising.

None of our patriots died so that we would be ruled over by Political Party clubs or be enslaved to international finance or ‘the markets’ – they stood for democracy, to free us from chains.

Democracy means the empowerment of the people, it is not a complicated question.

Our Constitution, adopted by ourselves in 1937, says that it is the right of the people “to decide all questions of national policy.

In regards to representation, our Bunreacht says in 16.2.1

“Dáil Éireann shall be composed of members who represent Constituencies”

There is no provision made for the representation of any Political Party, in fact, they are not even mentioned in the Constitution. Neither is there any provision made for TDs to represent themselves, our Constituencies are supposed to be represented – and that requires consultation.

This way of consultation and democratic representation is exactly what we need, it is up to us to implement these provisions of our Constitution and make a reality of the empowerment of the people.

The first step is to stop voting for any Party, only vote for independent candidates committed to consultation and democratic representation.

Doing this will be a fitting tribute to the many generations who have stood for the freedom and independence of our country – it will give meaning to our celebration of the Easter Rising.