About – thefuture Initiative

Elect Diarmaid Ó CADHLA

The following is the original text from the About page on thefuture.ie, like history, our focus and knowledge has evolved.


We encourage people to be organised and active in the community in whatever way they can; be that in trade unions, student or youth organisations, voluntary community associations, campaign groups on particular issues or otherwise. The essential point is that we engage in activity that will hopefully advance the cause of ordinary people and contribute towards the building of a better society, in Ireland and internationally.

The range of issues of concern is broad:

The almost complete collapse of the economic systems upon which we depend for our livelihood.
The bankrupt state of our political administration and the ‘Party system’ in particular.
The continuing destruction of our planets environment and natural resources.
The exploitation of the majority of people under the global system of monopoly run finance capital.
The continuing expansion of globalisation in industry and the consequent destruction of the productive capacity of our economy.
The massive curtailment of small scale enterprise in our economy, domestic industrial production, small scale agriculture, food processing and the fishing industry.
The need to develop an economic plan which places the needs of the Irish people at centre stage and not the profit making interests of the minority; which has exposed us under the current crisis.
The huge growth in unemployment and the withdrawal of social services in health, education and welfare; being the strategy of the ruling circles to make the people pay for the crisis.
The need for recognition of the right of nations to self-determination and the end of big power domination over the former colonial and dependant countries.
The need to oppose US led imperialist aggression throughout the world and the danger it represents to world peace and the freedom of nations.
Our intention is to address the issues in a number of ways:

The raising of consciousness among the broad population by exposing the real nature of our society, where it has come from, where we are now and where history might take us.
To facilitate the discussion – to empower people in resolving the problems we face.
To help build the networking and organisation amongst people – in order that change may be effected.